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ComplyPro joins Kaplan for its Bootcamp

ComplyPro continues to partner with Kaplan as they host their Advanced Bootcamp this week.

From Tuesday to Thursday you can join Kaplan as the guest speakers take you on a deep dive of section 871(m), including the fundamentals of identifying potential section 871(m) transactions, such as combined transactions, calculating the dividend equivalent amounts, monitoring for a payment event, and requirements for withholding and reporting. After each session, you can join

Comply Exchange as we demo our newest innovations, including ComplyPro, our subscription-based membership portal housing trainings and other informational materials for you to stay up-to-date in the information reporting and withholding world, and ComplyLite, our integrated documentation collection and validation tool. Our short 15-minute demos are designed to quickly highlight key features and run you through both platforms.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Follow the link provided and download the below for more details.

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