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Managed Services

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Managed Services

Managed by our Tax Subject Matter Experts, we offer a fully functional back-office facility established within a highly secure environment. Our process driven Managed Service facility supports document collection, digitization, complex structure setup, entity record and issue management, as well as a range of end of year reporting needs.

How does it work?

Our Managed Services team are based in the U.S. and India, with guidance and oversight provided by our U.S. based Tax SMEs. With our experienced team, you can reduce the burden of collecting, digitizing and validating tax documentation, structure support, allocations and distributions, report generation and more. We provide a variety of on-demand reports directly within our Administration application.

Have a dedicated team monitoring and maintaining your tax documentation. Stop spending time, effort, and money on collecting and validating tax documents. Create efficiencies by generating reports with ease.

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The Benefits

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  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your tax documentation​

  • Removes the burden of repetitive, time consuming tasks​

  • Access to highly trained staff who stay up to date with regulatory changes ​

  • Reduces overhead from both a time and cost perspective

  • Eases the burden around year end reporting

Key functionality

Documentation - Managed Services Page
  • Form digitization capabilities with a full suite of IRS Forms W-8, W-9, 8233 and Self-Certifications ​

  • Form validation utilizing a rigorous tax rule set, inclusive of issue identification and management​

  • Form maintenance and monitoring for changes in circumstances and form expiration

  • Structure configuration by creating and connecting accounts with ease 

  • Generates reports on demand, including management reports, 1099 and 1042-S report, FATCA and CRS

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing how we can help automate your regulatory needs, reach out today! A member of the team will be happy to speak with you or arrange a demo at your convenience.

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